Going solo, Part II

Remember that one time I went to the movies alone? Well, this time, it was an athletic competition.

Specifically, it was the Tough Bloke Challenge. And it was TUFF.

This was one of the many, many tricky obstacles we had to cross. Fun stuff.

The TBC was something I had been training for, on and off, for a few months. It basically involves a 2.5 k run, a crawl through a mud pit, another 2.5k run, and then somewhere between 15-20 different army obstacles.

And I wound up doing it solo. Not purely through choice- mostly just through chance. I drove out there alone, ran alone, and then got in my car and drove home. Alone.

Here’s me- all alone in the mud pit. Eyes shut, trying to swim/crawl through mud whilst also spitting it out of my mouth. Yummy.

And again, alone whilst struggling to run up a hill.

My point here isn’t simply showing off (although there’s a bit of that). It’s in the title of this post: ‘Going solo’. In a few areas of my life at the moment, I’ve been doing it alone. Sometimes by choice, sometimes less so. I’ve always struggled to socialise- I seem to have an innate preference for spending time by myself- but recently I’ve struck a balance between forcing myself to socialise and also forcing myself to actively do things besides watching DVDs at home alone. Like this TBC, or going out to the movies alone, or simply reading a book in a park.

My point here is, there’s a difference between choosing to be alone, and being lonely. You can be lonely while you’re with a group of people- just as you can choose to be alone, and enjoy it.

Lately, I’ve been choosing more of the second option- and it’s actually been quite fun in parts. Challenging, but fun.

I’m going to leave with the image of the gigantic blister I acquired during the TBC. Because I need to show off a little bit!