Someone said ‘vagina’ in a TV commercial; world implodes

I’ve been away for over a month, so I missed the shit storm that erupted over the Carefree Liner TV commercial in recent weeks. To be honest, I’m disappointed in myself – I do love a good shit storm, particularly when it concerns vaginas.

In case you’re also not up to date on the latest tampon, pad and liner commercials that have been hitting our airwaves, here’s the advertisement in question:


According to the Daily Mail, viewers were left ‘outraged’ by the use of the terms “vagina” and “discharge” in the advertisement.

Personally, I know exactly what they mean. Why, whenever someone says “VAGINA” in conversation, I have to sit down and ask someone to fetch my smelling salts. Women should not be having such frank, open and honest conversations about THEIR OWN BODY PARTS in an advertisements discussing these SAME BODY PARTS. The very notion of it is appalling!

Even some ladies were up in arms (or legs, or vaginas) about the use of the word ‘discharge’ – because, you know, ewww, gross.

Look, the advertising industry still has a long way to go when handling advertisements about sanitary products. Even in this advertisement, the model used is naked, and has been placed in an all-white environment scattered with strategically placed orchids. . Why is she naked? Why is it all-white? Why are there orchids everywhere? Because we’re talking VAGINAS, people. Therefore we need to be doing it in a clean environment.

And as for the use of orchids…. coincidence? I think not. I’m just going to leave this here:

I have no idea why the girl is naked. Maybe it’s part of Carefree’s ‘honesty’ campaign – that she is required to be naked to Talk Vaginas. Maybe it’s because she’s an attractive young woman and they’re hoping we’ll be so distracted by her nudity that we won’t notice that she said ‘discharge’. Maybe it’s just Because They Could. Whatever, the nakedness is not required, and I wish they’d simply put some clothes on her, and taken her out of the White Orchid Prison. But hey, a girl can dream. For now, let’s just all throw on our Official Feminist Outfits and run amok, screaming ‘discharge’ and ‘vagina’ at the nearest pensioner.

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