You Are Doing That Wrong: AAMI

This ad has been bugging me for a bit. The first AAMI ad was clever- this one, not so much. It has since been pointed out to me that none of the AAMI ads were incredibly clever. I tend to agree with this statement. The highlight of their previous ads was the one were every single member of the ad got splattered with wedding cake. Oddly satisfying.

It was like every single executive at AAMI sat in a room, and after clapping themselves on the back for about an hour for their ‘success’ with the last advert (the ‘What About Me’ one, parts 1, 2, and 3) they finally decided to follow it up with…….*drumroll*


Of course.

Because what else makes an advertising campaign more exciting than a couple of bikini clad, well endowed women?!

Let’s check it out, shall we?

We open on a young, attractive gentleman stating that “don’t ask him why, he’s just a careful guy”. He hops into his car (red, I might add. Red, AAMI? Really? We all know only HOONS drive red cars!) and CHAOS immediately erupts around him. Bikes crashing into cars, cars FLYING INTO STORE FRONTS (how the fuck did that one happen? Did the car LEAP from a nearby rooftop?) and a pick up truck has a rollover RIGHT BEHIND HIM.

But does our ‘careful guy’ care? Does he stop to help the injured biker, the almost certainly dead driver of that blue car, or the rolled pick up truck?

No. No, he does not stop. What could have possibly distracted him?

Oh, wait.


Seriously, AAMI? A high kicking lollipop lady?

Does our careful driver care about this blatant objectification?

No. No, he does not. Instead, our careful guy continues to sing that someone should “give him a deal that’s fair, because he drives with care”. And he pulls up in front of…


Sorry. He pulls up in front of… *squints*…”Super Wash and Wax”. Sounds like a respectable place to have a, uh, ‘job’.

Yes. this woman here is a SERIOUS CAREER WOMAN, Y’ALL. And she is featured in this advertisement because….

Oh yes. BOOBS. Silly, silly me. Let’s kick on.

Careful guy keeps on singing about something being “Fair, fair, fair, fair, fair, fair, fair, fair”. Meanwhile, he intermittently checks out the dancing prowess of the women behind him. Just to make sure they’re dancing in sync, you see. Of course. No other reason. No other bikini clad, bouncing up and down reason.

The point of this ad? I’m not sure. But I find it strangely ironic that this dude is singing about something being “fair” when right behind him is Reason Number One  why things aren’t fair for women. It’s because stupid ads like this insist on putting us in teeny bikinis and making us wash cars.

Stupidly, I also scrolled to the comments section of the Youtube clip. And what did I find? Some stunning insights into the inequality and objectification of women that are displayed in this advertisement?

Of course not.

Instead, I found a bunch of comments from men, whinging about that fact that ‘the boob bit’ had been edited out because of ‘some ugly fat feminists’.

One of the mostly highly rated comments was from user Border205, who had the incredibly clever and useful insight that:

The boob part of the ad (23 seconds) in has been censored/ cut off of the T.V. commerical. Yesterday I was watching the cricket and this commerical came on and I was waiting in anticipation for the boob part of the commerical, and when it was supposed to come on it didn’t. I bet some narrow minded, ugly fat feminist bitches complained about the ad portraying woman as sexual objects or its an unhealty body image to fat little girls, all I can say is get fucked u ugly bitches not my fault u ugly!!

So, Border205 was watching the cricket when this ad came on, and he ‘sat in anticipation of the boob part’. Ah yes. He wasn’t at all thrilled about the ‘fair deal’ AAMI were offering to their customers, he just wanted to see some BOOBS, GODDAMIT.  And then he got to the boob-y part, and IT WASN’T THERE. OUTRAGE. SHOCK, HORROR. NO BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

So of course he takes to the interwebs to blast the “narrow minded, ugly fat feminist bitches [who] complained about the ad portraying woman (sic) as sexual objects or its an unhealty (sic) body image to fat little girls”.

Judge Judy dislikes your attitude.

I mean, what can I say to this? I’m not particularly narrow-minded, I’m not particularly ugly, and nor am I particularly fat. I’m only a bitch when fuckwits like this decide to demand BOOBS in all of their advertisements. And as for the classy ending, where he states that we should “get fucked u ugly bitches not my fault u ugly!!”.

…I just. I don’t even…..I….am left speechless by this person’s stupidity. I need a drink. And this commenter needs to be chased down by all the women he just called “fat, ugly bitches”. You know where I strongly suspect he works? The board room at AAMI.

I know, dear readers. I know. I worry for humanity too. I really do.